Ark Group’s Annual Forum WOMEN LEGAL 2017

February 9, 2017

Ark Group’s Annual Forum WOMEN LEGAL 2017

Getting Inclusive About Inclusion: A New Strategy For Advancing Inclusiveness Through Talent Management

Presenter: Lisa B. Horowitz, JD, MSOD, Founder and Chief Strategist, Attorney Talent Strategy Group LLC,

The Marker
San Francisco, CA

Traditional efforts to advance diversity and inclusion within law firms and legal departments have stalled. It is time for a new strategy–one that gets inclusive about inclusion and intentionally embeds efforts to advance inclusiveness directly into the daily operations and culture of your organization. During this session, learn how to leverage your organization’s tale development, talent deployment and performance management activities to create a powerful platform for advancing inclusiveness. Learn as well about the “4Ms”–specific actions you can take to drive this strategy and achieve support and buy-in from your colleagues.