Strategic Talent Management Drives Value

New Challenges Call for New Talent Management Strategies

It is no secret that in today’s competitive legal and business environment, clients are insisting upon value. Efficiently providing excellent legal advice--whether as in-house legal counsel or outside counsel--is essential.

A Proactive and Strategic Approach

A proactive and strategic approach to legal talent management is critical to law firm and legal department success. With a tailored approach to talent management, you can empower your talent acquisition, training, deployment and performance management activities to drive diversity and inclusion, profitability, retention, client value, and succession planning.

ATSG will work with you and your attorneys to assess your current talent management activities and design and implement a tailored talent management strategy that adds value and advances your business objectives.


    • How and whom are you hiring and why?
    • How are they integrated? Are they retained?
    • How are you developing your talent? Do they have the necessary competencies, training,mentoring, coaching?
    • How are you utilizing, deploying and leveraging your talent? Is it working?
    • How are you evaluating and rewarding your talent and why?
    • Are your talent management practices aligned and integrated to successfully achieve your business goals?

    • Definition of expectations and competencies (substantive, business development, management and leadership)
    • Creation of learning and development curriculums and training programs (See TRAINING)
    • Review of job descriptions and potential career paths
    • Design and implementation of mentoring and career advising initiatives
    • Development of diversity, inclusiveness and sponsorship initiatives
    • Analysis of performance evaluation and compensation processes
    • Refinement of talent acquisition efforts
    • Development of metrics to measure satisfaction and impact
    • Creation of progress reports

"Lisa Horowitz is a nationally recognized expert on talent management and obtaining career satisfaction. I have worked closely with Lisa for many years, and can personally attest to her unique knowledge and insights into how law firms can maximize the potential and achievement of their lawyers. Lisa has also provided sage and pragmatic guidance to countless lawyers, enabling them to find personal and professional fulfillment in both the legal profession and in alternative careers."

– Bobbi Leibenberg
Chair, ABA Commission on Women
in the Profession;
Partner, Fine, Kaplan & Black

"Lisa provided excellent and useful leadership counsel to The Tower Companies in connection with developing a more supportive human resource system. She analyzed how the company's human resource activities are currently handled and recommended a course of action to align and integrate all human resource activities with the various companies' functions."

– Luann Sinclair
General Counsel
The Tower Companies

"Law firms that are looking for someone with the gravitas, knowledge and experience to assist in talent management need look no further. Lisa brings practical hands-on experience from her years in professional development at large law firms and she offers cost effective practical solutions to one of the most critical issues facing law firms today – talent management. Lisa’s innovative and creative approach to these issues provides law firms the tools they need not only to compete for the best talent, but to retain those individuals as well."

– Patricia K. Gillette
Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Let us help you tailor a talent management strategy that meets your needs.