Strategic Attorney Talent Management Is Crucial

The legal profession has evolved enormously during the last 10 years. Law firms, legal departments and individual attorneys have all been affected. Your individual and organizational legal talent is your most valuable asset. A talent management strategy tailored to your objectives is invaluable.

We Know Attorney Talent Management

With more than 30 years of combined legal practice and strategic talent management experience, the Attorney Talent Strategy Group designs and implements customized talent management strategies and action plans to help law firms, legal departments and individual attorneys harness, develop and leverage their talent.

Create a Talent Management Strategy That Is Right For You


It starts with you. You own your career. It is a long-term investment. It will grow and evolve. Advancing and transitioning from one stage to the next can be exciting and daunting. Regardless of the stage of your career or whether you are working in-house or in a law firm, it is vital to define your vision for success and to implement a strategic career and leadership plan for achieving it. Let us coach you to take charge and accomplish your goals.


Continuous learning is critical to good lawyering. Whether working in-house or in a law firm, now more than ever, lawyers at all levels need to stay current and be intentional about their professional and career development. ATSG offers tested and customizable attorney training including its Building Leadership Muscle series to help you be productive and profitable.


In today’s competitive business environment, law firms and legal departments are both facing important talent management issues: creating and sustaining diversity and inclusion; retention and engagement of attorneys; and succession planning among others. A strategic talent management approach is invaluable. ATSG will consult with you to assess, design and implement a tailored talent management strategy to maximize your organization’s performance.

Lisa B. Horowitz, JD, MSOD, Founder and Principal Advisor of the Attorney Talent Strategy Group, has an in-depth and unique understanding of the legal profession and legal talent management. Lisa founded ATSG to share "lessons learned" from her 30 years of experience as a practicing attorney, senior law firm talent management professional, national bar association leader and business owner. She and the ATSG network are dedicated to working with law firms, legal departments and individual attorneys to help them adapt to and optimize the opportunities presented by recent changes in the legal profession.

Lisa is also a sought after speaker on talent management topics. Contact Us today about having Lisa present at your next meeting or retreat.

2017 Ms. JD Woman of Inspiration Award
Professional Growth Partner of the Association of Corporate Counsel-National Capital Region-2015-2017
2012 Star of the Bar Award: Women’s Bar Association of the District of Columbia