It Starts With You: TAKE CHARGE

You Own Your Career

Your career is a long-term investment. It will grow and evolve. Advancing from one stage to the next can be exciting but also daunting.

We Can Help You Succeed

Like running a marathon or traveling to a new country, having an experienced guide committed to your success is invaluable. If you are looking to proactively manage your career progression, to tackle new roles, responsibilities and challenges or to navigate a significant career transition, ATSG’s advisors have the experience to help you succeed.

Attorney Career Coaching and Planning

Whether you are practicing in a law firm or a legal department as a junior, mid-career or senior attorney, it is vital to define and refine your vision for success and to create and implement a plan for achieving it.

ATSG’s proven approach to individual strategic planning starts with you. We meet you where you are and stay with you until you achieve your goals. We will walk you through a tested framework during which you will:

  • Define your vision for success
  • Assess your unique strengths and areas for growth
  • Create your individual written strategic plan
  • Set meaningful and measureable goals
  • Identify timely action steps
  • Monitor your progress

Business Development, Management and Leadership

As your career progresses, your roles and responsibilities grow and change. As a junior attorney, doing excellent work was your major responsibility. As a senior attorney, client service, managing and leading others and developing business become major expectations.

  • Business Development

    Developing business and becoming a trusted advisor is crucial to your success as a law firm partner. An experienced ATSG advisor will work with you to:
    • Identify your niche
    • Evaluate your strengths and areas for growth
    • Create a written business plan
    • Develop specific business development skills and opportunities
    • Track your progress
    • Overcome obstacles
  • Management & Leadership

    As you advance in-house, in a law firm or in a non-profit, successfully managing and leading others—up, down and around—is essential. Building trust with colleagues and clients, successfully influencing them, fostering robust mentor and sponsor relationships, creating a Board of Advisors and persevering with confidence, courage, GRIT and executive presence are critical. Law school didn’t teach you these skills. An experienced ATSG advisor can coach you in "real time" to help you build these skills so you become your best leader.

Navigating Career Transitions

Career transitions are opportunities to take charge and shape your future. The desire for a new challenge, an impending “retirement,” or an unexpected lay-off can raise different and often difficult considerations, questions and concerns.

ATSG advisors have successfully made their own career transitions. They have wrestled with many of the issues you may be facing. They can help you to reflect upon and address your concerns, identify potential next steps, assess options and opportunities and make a successful transition. For more information, see About Us.

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"I have had the privilege of getting to know Lisa over the past several years, both personally and professionally. Lisa’s pragmatic, thoughtful, and committed approach to coaching and career development is nothing short of astonishing. Her dedication to her clients is also unparalleled. As my coach, Lisa not only shared her vast wisdom, experience, and insight, but she also expertly and successfully guided me in articulating and achieving each of my career goals, and continues to do so. She remains steadfastly committed to my long-term professional success, for which I am forever grateful."

–– R.G., Senior Litigation Associate;
Bar Association Leader, NYC

“If your goal is to advance your career, Lisa is the right strategic partner. Lisa not only helped me crystallize my career goals, she also coached me to achieve them. She is a big picture person and is also great at helping you navigate every day interactions with your management and executive teams. We have been working together for a number of months and I am looking forward to a long-term relationship."

–– I.K., Senior Counsel
Telecommunications and Internet
Carrier; Bar Association Leader, VA

"Lisa’s experiences, including her successful transition from practicing attorney to talent management professional, give her the ability to meet her clients where they are, to step into their shoes, understand their concerns, and guide them towards results tailored to their needs."

–– Jeffrey Weinstock, Esq., President
& CEO, Rhodes & Weinstock, LLC